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Our New Website is Live!

Specialized Diesel Northwest's new website is up and we couln't be more excited! Our website will continue to grow daily so if you don't see parts listed for your truck, please call us--as we have access to more parts than our website currently displays. While we're already considered one of the most reputable shops for light diesel truck repair and performance upgrades in the Northwest, our new goal is to become one of the leaders in online diesel performance parts sales. Help us make this goal possible by ordering parts from your new #1 Source for diesel performance parts!

What Makes Us Different?

Rather than just managing our website and shipping out parts when orders come through, we live and breathe diesel engines and pride ourselves in being diesel mechanical experts. We spend our days wrenching on diesel trucks, our nights researching the latest diesel performance technology, and our weekends tearing up the drag strip with some of the most powerful diesel machines in the country. Our future SDNW Diesel Race Truck, a.k.a. #ProjectBlackAndYellow, will have real-time updates on our site as well!

Full-Service Light Diesel Repair and Performance Upgrade Shop

Whether your diesel work truck needs an emergency repair so you can finish your job on time, or you're looking for a little more performance out of your personal rig, SDNW's friendly and knowledgeable staff can take care of all of your needs in one stop--especially now with our new website. Upgrades have never been easier: find the parts you need/want for your truck through our site, have us install them, and drive away from our shop knowing that professionals installed the parts properly and that your truck is going to perform better than it did when it left the factory.

Emissions Warning!

Certain products are not legal in the state of California for use on any pollution controlled vehicle.

Certain products may be capable of disabling all of part of the emissions system on certain vehicle applications, when selected by the end use to do so. Emissions removal is not legal anywhere within the USA, unless the vehicle is not registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles, and is being used solely as a competition race vehicle. By selecting any settings that can allow removal of emissions equipment, you accept all risk and liability associated with its use, and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. All settings or calibrations that may allow emissions removal are intended and developed for off-highway, organized, sanctioned, closed-course Race/Competition use only!! Any other use, on ANY road, public or private, within the USA, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Specialized Diesel NW insists that you do not select any calibrations or settings if this vehicle has been registered or certified for highway use with the USA.
  3. This product when used incorrectly may violate local, state, and federal laws pertaining to emissions, traffic, registration, and safety.
  4. Use of this product may damage or destroy mechanical and/or electrical components of this vehicle.
  5. Use of this product may void or nullify the vehicles factory warranty.
  6. User understands that motorsports are dangerous, and that installation of this product may subsequently require special driving skills or techniques to safely operate the vehicle.
  7. User assumes sole responsibility for the safe, proper, and legal use of the vehicle at all times.
  8. The purchaser and end user releases, indemnifies, discharges, and holds harmless Specialized Diesel NW from any and all claims, damages, causes of action, injuries, or expenses resulting from or relating to the use or installation of this product that is in violation of the terms and conditions on this page, the product disclaimer, and/or the product installation instructions. Specialized Diesel NW will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, punitive, statutory, or incidental damages or fines caused by the use or installation of this product.


Before allowing you to access any settings or calibrations that may allow emissions removal, you will be asked by the tuner to electronically agree to the terms and conditions listed above. By electronically agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are certifying that you are aware of and assume all risk, liability, and consequences that may arise from its use. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!